About us 

Energy Revolt specialises in providing businesses the technology and support to make better energy purchasing decisions.

Who we are

Based in Cardiff, we are part of the Enroc Energy Solutions Group. We want to bring unprecedented levels of trust and transparency to the complex and often dark world of energy.

As reported by The Times and The Guardian, rouge brokers have conned small businesses out of £2bn. Our mission is to disrupt the energy market by empowering businesses to make better energy purchasing decisions so that they are NEVER overcharged or underserved by brokers or suppliers.

The only energy cost tracking tool

Savvy consumers already use online tools to track the cost of flights, electronics and other goods to find the best deal on the best day. Now, with Energy Revolt, they can do this with energy!

We can  save you thousands 
on your energy bills

Industry news

 Rogue Energy Brokers Con Small Businesses Out of £2billion a Year 

Rogue energy brokers cost UK businesses £2bn*

Beat the brokers with Revolt – the only online platform for tracking and securing the best energy deals.